Darryl Outlaw

IT Associate Director
(706) 224-1685

Darryl has a diverse and extensive background in information technology, construction and farming and holds a Bachelors degree from The University of Tampa in Computer Science and minors in both Accounting and Business Administration. Darryl joined SREF in 2008 and currently manages the group's information technology projects and IT server infrastructure.  Darryl works closely with our partners to write grants, scope out work plans and create budgets to accomplish complex IT and Extension projects.  Darryl also  manages, designs and develops new leading edge IT solutions to meet the needs of a new technology centric community of forestry, natural resource, and climate specialists. 

Previously, Darryl has worked for several top companies such as Computer Associates, CitiStreet and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida where he has managed, designed, developed and implemented many successful enterprise IT systems. Throughout his career, Darryl has gained valuable business experience and knowledge in the areas of accounting, human resources, mortgage and wholesale lending, insurance, drug retail, agriculture, forestry, farming and residential construction.

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