Bioenergy is renewable energy derived from biological sources, such as woody biomass, agricultural sources (corn, sorghum, switchgrass, etc.) or algae. Bioenergy is really nothing new, in that humans have always used biological sources for energy to cook, heat and for light. Considerable emphasis...


The effects of a changing climate on our southern forest resources are becoming more readily apparent.Hotter, drier weather and more catastrophic weather events are leading to stressed trees and ecosystems. While there have always been threats to forests including pest outbreaks, fire and drought,...

GPS Toolkit in inForest

InForest is a tool designed to provide landowners, natural resource managers, and land-use planners state-of-the-art access to information about natural resources the manage. The tool enhances the user's ability to make better informed decisions about their forest management and land conservation activities....

Articulate and Extension Forestry

With training and travel budgets still at an all time low, we here at the office of the Southern Regional Extension Forester are constantly looking for new and creative ways to not only reach our own clients, but also to help you reach yours. Articulate Studio ‘09 is one way to do just that!So...

Southeastern Integrated Biomass Supply System holds Annual Meeting

SREF staff members, Dr. Bill Hubbard and Leslie Boby, recently attended the Southeastern Integrated Biomass Supply System (IBSS) Annual Meeting in Auburn, Alabama last week. IBSS is an ambitious project, which includes research, education and extension to develop a comprehensive biofuels industry....Auburn...

eLearn Urban Forestry:  The USFS and SREF have Launched a Brand New Professional Development Program in Urban Forestry

eLearn Urban Forestry is an online, interactive professional development program in all things Urban Forestry designed specifically for beginning urban foresters, traditionally trained foresters working in urban landscapes and allied professionals such as landscape architects, public works employees and planners.

Adobe Releases a More User-friendly eLearning Software Allowing You to Reach More Clientele

Southern Regional Extension Forestry is dabbling in instructional technology and design as a means of creating professional development opportunities that will reach more foresters and natural resource professionals across the South. This article takes a deeper look at Adobe's new Captivate 6!

Two Chiefs' Partnership Award

The Forestry and Natural Resources Webinar Portal (www.forestrywebinars.net/), a southern regional, multi-agency product providing education to landowners and natural resource professionals across the nation, is awarded the 2011 Two Chiefs' Partnership Award!

The Urban Forestry eLearning Project

An Urban Forestry module provided by Southern Regional Extension Forestry, the Urban and Community Forestry Program, and the Southern Group of State Foresters.

Virginia Tech researchers release new edition of plant identification software
Virginia Tech researchers release new edition of plant identification software
BLACKSBURG, Va., Aug. 31, 2012 – A pair of researchers from the College of Natural Resources and Environment(http://cnre.vt.edu/) recently released the third edition of Woody Plants in North America(http://www.kendallhunt.com/store-product.aspx?id=25400...
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