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Extension Forestry and Wood Products Directory

Welcome to the national network of Extension Forestry and Wood Products specialists, educators, and leaders!

This directory has been complied so that:

  1. The Extension Forestry and Wood Products community can better serve those of you who are seeking information about forests and wood products
  2. To facilitate multi-state, regional, and national program collaborations in order to make more efficient use of a smaller Extension Forestry and Wood Products network
  3. Our national partners – public and private – know who is out there in the states, what their areas of specialization are, and who may be interested in program partnerships.

This directory contains educators and specialists who, collectively cover 48 areas of specialization in forest and wood products, and 16 areas of specialization in Extension program development, delivery, and evaluation. It was compiled from information voluntarily provided by educators and specialists themselves. Thus, it may be incomplete. Also, staffing and program responsibilities change frequently, therefore the directory is complete and accurate only to the extent that information was available at the time of compilation. The Directory Search page allows you to search records by name, state, and area(s) of specialization. This online resource has been developed by the office of the Southern Regional Extension Forester with financial and technical assistance from the USDA NIFA.

Please email Eric R. Norland (enorland@nifa.usda.gov) with any errors or omissions so that we can maintain a directory that is as accurate as possible.

NIFA Mission: To advance knowledge for agriculture, the environment, human health and well-being and communities

Southern Regional Extension Forestry (SREF) is a diverse team of trained natural resource educators, IT specialists, graphic designers, communications and marketing experts, and media and content producers. SREF works closely with the Southern Land Grant University System, US Forest Service, and state forestry agencies to develop content, tools and support for the forestry and natural resource community. To find out more about SREF programs please visit www.sref.info.

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