Leslie Boby

Extension Associate

Leslie Boby is as an Extension Associate for Southern Regional Extension Forestry and joined the staff in Fall of 2011.

Leslie is the lead SREF staff member for the extension component of the Pine Integrated Network: Mitigation and Adaptation Project (PINEMAP), a regional project focused on protecting and enhancing Pine Plantations from climate variability. Additionally, Leslie works with the extension end of the Southeastern Partnership for Integrated Biomass Supply Systems (SE-IBSS), another large, regional project, which is promoting economically and environmentally sustainable production and conversion of biomass-to-biofuel in the southeast.  

Prior to joining SREF, Leslie worked all over the country and completed a Masters in Ecology (concentration in forest resources) at the University of Florida. She has worked as a Volunteer Coordinator in Georgia, conducted forest fire research in Florida and Alaska, worked for the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management in New Mexico, as a weed killer in California and as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya. She has ended the nomadic part of her life and lives with her family in Athens, Georgia

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(706) 542-3342
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