Moving Forward

Software as a Service & Data Hosting Services

  • Become a store-house from regional data, information, publications, etc. that can be used directly by the states in their websites
  • Utilize data from existing federal and state websites managed by SREF
  • Provide an API for access to the data
  • Provide method-based API's for accessing graphical, chart, mapping tools
  • Provide API's for adding & maintaining data
  • Provide mass data uploading tools

Generic Mobile Data Collection App and Web-Based Visualization Toolset

  • Web utilities for branding and app configuration & customization
  • Mobile application used for collection of data in the field
  • Website presentation toolset for tabulating and visualizing of data
  • API's for data sharing among states


Darryl Outlaw
IT Associate Director
(706) 224-1685
Daniel J Drummond
IT Developer & Mobile Applications Director
(706) 542-9022
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