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SREF’s presence within the region and country have brought our programs here at NCSU higher visibility and respect. Fellow researchers, industry partners and state and federal agencies know who we are and what we do better because of SREF’s seat at many tables.

Mark Megalos, PhD., Extension Professor, Forest & Environmental Resources, NCSU

Whether it be facilitating economic summits, publishing research and extension publications or partnering on extramural funding, I’ve been able to gain opportunities that otherwise would not be available to me had SREF not been a partner.

Shaun Tanger, PhD., Assistant Professor, LSU AgCenter, Louisiana State University

SREF helped me get in touch with other forest extensionists in other states through their listservs and regional meetings. The programming brought Extension peers together to share knowledge and experience in the field and promotes potential collaborations among us.

Yanshu Li, PhD., Forest Economics and Taxation Outreach Specialist, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, The University of Georgia

Working with SREF has been instrumental in building my relationship with others throughout the region. This has been instrumental in developing a very successful national webinar platform.

Robert Bardon, PhD., Associate Dean of Extension & Engagement, College of Natural Resources, NCSU

SREF stays on the leading edge of issues and technology helping to keep us relevant and responsive in the field with practical information and useful delivery tools. SREF is also very responsive to state level needs. They are great partners.

Adam Downing, Extension Agent, Forestry & Natural Resources, Virginia Cooperative Extension


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