Join the Woodland Stewards Landowner Education program!

The Woodland Stewards Regional Extension Program for Landowners is a series of webinars planned to help you learn more about your woods and how to take action to manage them. This is the third year of the program and this year, you can join the live webinars yourself through the links below. You will need to register for each webinar separately.



What is it?

Weekly live webinar presentations about topics that will help woodland and forest landowners manage their woodlands. 

What will it cover?

This is the third round of the Woodland Stewards series and this year the focus is on taking action in managing woodlands. The four webinars will help landowners to narrow down their land management objectives, learn about tools that can help them, stay safe as they work on their land, and help them put their knowledge into action.

How do I join?                                                                                                                                                                                                   Register for each webinar in the session by clicking on the link and going to the Forestry Webinar Portal. There is also a "calendar" reminder that you can download to add directly to your outlook, google, ical or other computer based calendar. You will return to the same link when the webinar starts. 


What if I miss a webinar, will they be recorded?                                                                                                                                                 All webinars will be recorded and will be available a few days after the presentation, at the same link. 

Session Description Speakers
February 2nd, 1 PM Eastern

Before you can manage your woodlands, you have to have a good idea of what your land is like, what has been there before and what you want to do with it. In this presentation, learn how you can assess your woods, including past land use, current conditions and potential.

  • Dr. David Clabo, University of GA
  • Leslie Boby, Southern Regional Extension Forestry
February 9th, 1 PM Eastern

There are many tools available to help you manage your land. Map, assess and understand your land’s potential. Join this webinar to learn more about what tools are available and how they can be used to get you started managing your land!

  • Jeff Fellers
  • Derrick Phinney, Clemson University
  • Ellen Crocker, University of KY
  • Jennifer Gagnon, VA Cooperative Extension
February 16th, 1 PM Eastern

While working outside has many benefits for your personal health, including clean air and exercise, there are a few things to do to keep yourself safe from itchy-bitey-pokey things out there. Join this session to learn about ways to stay safe while working in the woods, even with power tools!

  • Emily Zobel, University of MD
  • Jason Fisher, VA Cooperative Extension
February 23rd, 1 PM Eastern

Put your knowledge and plan into action to manage your forest land! This presentation will help you learn how to implement a woodland management plan that achieves your objectives.

  • Jacob Muller
  • Billy Thomas, University of KY
  • Colby Lambert, NC State University

When will it be broadcast?

Tuesdays in February 2021 at 1 pm ET. See table above for specific dates and times.

Will it be recorded?

The recorded webinars will be available after the live event, at the same link as the live webinar. If the time does not work out for your clients to view the live webinar, you could still offer the program at a later date.

Is it relevant to my clientele?

The webinar series was developed for woodland landowners in the South and mid-Atlantic regions by a team of Extension professionals from North Carolina State University, Virginia Tech, University of Kentucky, University of Tennessee, Clemson University, University of Georgia, University of Maryland and Southern Regional Extension. The presenters are experts in forestry and natural resources from the region.

How should I market it to my clientele?

Adapt the powerpoint flyer to suit your needs, link to each of the webinars and advise that advanced registration is required. Up to 1,000 individuals can participate live, and the recorded webinars will be available after the fact. 

Who do I contact for more information?
GA Dr. David Clabo,
KY Billy Thomas,
MD Agnes Kemenecz,
NC Dr. Robert Bardon,
SC Derrick Phinney,
TN Dr. Wayne Clatterbuck,
VA Jennifer Gagnon,
Don’t see your state?

Contact Leslie Boby,

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