Woodland Stewards

Woodland Stewards: A Regional Extension Program for Landowners

Getting to Know Your Woodlands: A Primer for Beginners


Purpose: Empower woodland owners to promote environmental and forest health through increased awareness, experience and access to resources.

Format: Four live webinar sessions followed by a local event hosted at the local level. The webinars will be delivered via Blackboard collaborate. Sessions will be 2 hours in length, including breaks.

Locations: County Extension offices or other meeting spaces determined by the host. Must be able to connect to the internet with broadband.

Proposed Fee: There is no fee to host the course. A fee at the local level can be charged and collected by the host to cover cost such as food, local advertising, etc.

Webinar Delivery Platform: Webinars will be hosted via ForestryWebinars.net, and will be delivered by Blackboard Collaborate through North Carolina State University. For more information on how to set up and participate in a Blackboard Collaborate session, view Configuring Your Computer For Blackboard Collaborate. Host will obtain a password when registering the local site as a hosting facility on ForestryWebinars.net to be utilized to access the webinars.

Thursdays 7 pm to 9 pm EST (6 pm to 8 pm CST)

Feb. 21st Getting to Know Your Woodlands
Feb. 28th Managing Your Woodlands
Mar. 7th Identifying and Managing Woodland Threats
Mar. 14th Wildlife and Woodlands

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