Woodland Stewards Regional Landowner Education Program


About this program:

Join your colleagues in hosting this educational program for woodland owners!

The purpose of the program is to empower woodland owners to promote environmental and forest health through increased awareness, experience and access to resources. The educational program was developed through a collaborative team of forestry Extension personnel to serve a multi-state audience. This program is designed to be delivered via webinar to local sites hosted by county Extension agents, state agencies and more. The first live series, "Getting to Know Your Woodlands: A Primer for Beginners," was offered in February and March of 2019. The second live series "Getting to know Your Woodlands: Your Next Steps," will be offered in February 2020.

Promote the Live or Archived Webinar Series to Your Clientele 

In the 2019 and February 2020 versions of this program, county or regional Extension agent, or state agency forester were able to host a meeting in their offices or other locations. However, in 2021, the program will be delivered completely virtually. What this means is that you can promote this series to your clientele directly, and we can share a participant list with you after the fact. In addition, all of the recorded webinars can be used for program delivery through zoom or social media. 

Webinar Delivery Platform:

Webinars will be hosted via ForestryWebinars.net, and will be delivered by the Zoom webinar platform. Host will obtain a password when registering the local site as a hosting facility on ForestryWebinars.net to be utilized to access the webinars.


There is no fee to host the course. A fee at the local level can be charged and collected by the host to cover cost such as food, local advertising, etc.

Access information about the series here:

Evaluation from 2019 Series:

In February and March, 2019, forestry and natural resource professionals from Cooperative Extension programs in the southeast US, in collaboration with university, state, and federal partners, delivered a regional education program for woodland owners. The goal of the program was to empower woodland owners to promote environmental and forest health through increased awareness, experience and access to resources. The series included four sessions conducted over four weeks. County and regional agents from participating states hosted landowner groups while speakers presented via webinar software. Over the four-week period, up to 13 states representing as many as 70 sites, tuned into the webinar series, with an average of over 380 registrants per session. Over 90% of the sites were across six states, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Overall quality of the program: 3.3/4
participants who recommend the
webinar series to other landowners
97% of participants felt the information was easy to understand
4.3/5 participants felt the information
presented was relevant to their needs
Participants averaged a 34% increase in knowledge related to the
topics of the webinar
Nearly 100% of attendees said that they now know who to contact if they have questions about their woodlands, as a result of this workshop
60% of all participants plan to contact a natural resource professional within the next three months
participants indicated collectively owning over
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