Steven Weaver

Extension Associate – Geospatial Applications and IT Programmer
(706) 559-4286

Steven joined our staff full time in June 2014, shortly after graduating from UGA with an M.S. in Forest Resources with a focus on GIS. He brought with him the knowledge and forestry experience of a graduate of UGA's Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources and ample expertise in information technology, web design, and GIS.

Steven is currently putting the finishing touches on the Georgia Wild Pigs Website, a comprehensive Internet portal which will educate farmers, landowners, hunters, and the general public on the biology of wild pigs, the threat they pose to land and resources, and ways to control their population. 

His longterm project is the creation of an interactive GIS web map for the Shortleaf Pine Initiative, which, once completed, will provide users with access to range maps, abundance, disease risks, soil characteristics, and topography information for shortleaf pine as well as a site suitability tool for evaluating tracts of land for their growth potential.  

To contact Steven about his projects or consult with him about the possibility for new ones, e-mail him at

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