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Steven Weaver passed away July 12, 2020, he was 34. 

Steven joined our staff full time in June 2014, shortly after graduating from UGA with an M.S. in Forest Resources with a focus on GIS. He brought with him the knowledge and forestry experience of a graduate of UGA's Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources and ample expertise in information technology, web design, and GIS. Some of Steven's projects included creating an interactive GIS web map for the Shortleaf Pine Initiative, as well as a site suitability tool for evaluating tracts of land for their growth potential. Steven also developed the Cohesive Fire Strategy Website and StoryMap.

Discussions about Steven Weaver always include talking about his genuine niceness. He was a thoughtful, caring and diligent person and that carried through in whatever way that you knew him. Steven was not a loud person, you had to listen a little more closely to catch his witty comments. But everyone who got to know him liked him and he has been referred to as an excellent human being and a "damn fine Dawg" by many people. Steven was deeply faithful and practiced that faith through humble service to others and in turn the community rallied around him and his family.

Steven was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in fall of 2018, shortly after he and his wife bought their first house and while they anticipated the birth of their first child. Unfortunately, treatments did not prove successful. 

Like everyone in natural resources, Steven loved being outdoors. While it is terrible that his life ended so early, he was lucky to be able to spend the end of his life at home with his wife and son. Though he was in considerable pain in those final months, he spent as much time outside as he was able. 

Steven will be deeply missed at SREF and in the southern forestry and natural resources community. Steven's family have requested donations towards his son's college fund in lieu of flowers. Please contact Leslie Boby,, if you would like to donate. 




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