17th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings Available

17th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings Available

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The 17th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition in Hamburg has been a successful forum for information exchange in the field of bioenergy for all delegates and exhibitors from 77 countries around the world.

The Conference Proceedings jointly elaborated by ETA-Florence Renewable Energies and WIP-Munich are now available for purchase. The Proceedings on DVD contain contributions submitted and presented in Hamburg: almost 500 papers, 186 presentations and 274 poster files. Given the broad range of topics covered at the Conference, these Proceedings certainly represent a significant up-date on the status and prospects of the global biomass sector.
This DVD constitutes a perfect tool for targeted information research and retrieval, enabling the user to search for papers by keywords, paper title and authors. It is possible to browse the papers by topic. These features, together with the Authors and Keyword Index, should simplify the use of this source of information.
The order form, with information on price and shipping, is on the Conference website at  http://www.conference-biomass.com and on the company website at http://www.etaflorence.it, following the path / Publications / Bookshop.
For further information on other publications, please contact ETA-Florence Renewable Energies directly by sending an email to publication@etaflorence.it .

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