Distance Education: Achieving Sustainable Forest Management in the Southeast U.S.

Distance Education: Achieving Sustainable Forest Management in the Southeast U.S.

This course will present a practical, applied view of the elements involved in meeting present and evolving requirements for achieving sustainable forest management (SFM) and forest certification in the Southeast.


COURSE DESCRIPTION: It will be valuable both for current forestry and natural resources students (undergraduate or graduate) and for practicing professionals. Undergraduates and graduates may register for the entire semester long course for academic credit. Professionals may register for one or more lectures, or the entire course.

CREDITS: 3 credit hours

PREREQUISITES: Senior level or graduate level standing in courses

TUITION AND FEES: in state: $513.15 out of state: $978.15

**Note: Tuition subject to change.

**Tuition for Distance Education is separate from on-campus tuition, and is not included in full-time tuition. Payment will be processed through the University Cashiers Office and a bill will be mailed to the address you provide to the University.

CLASS BEGINS: January 12, 2004


**It is strongly suggested that students have ready access to adequate computer with the proper browser and audio capabilities, and the ability to communicate via e-mail. Instructors may require the frequent use of e-mail and may provide important course materials and information online. Students without access should contact the Distance Education office at (919)515-9030 to make arrangements.

INSTRUCTOR: Fred Cubbage is Professor and Dept. Head in Forestry Dept. Dr. Susan Mooreis Asst. Professor and Director, Forestry Educational Outreach Program. Both have direct experience with Sustainable Forest Management systems and a keen research interest in the subject.

DEPARTMENT: Department of Forestry


Raleigh, NC 27695

CAMPUS PHONE: (919)515-3184; (919)515-7789

CAMPUS FAX: (919)515-6883

EMAIL: susan_moore@ncsu.edu; fred_cubbage@ncsu.edu

COURSE URL: http://webct.ncsu.edu

AUDIENCE: Senior level or graduate student in forestry or related field, those interested in sustainable forest managements systems.

GOING TO CAMPUS: No need. It will all be online or video.


1)Report: 20% 2)Report: 20% 3)Two exams @ 20% each= 40% 4)Class participation: 20%

Once weekly web based discussions for distance learners. January 12-April 30, 2004

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Students who take this course in its entirety or in part for given modules will be able to describe the development and status of sustainable forest management (SFM) Criteria and Indicators (C&I); the principal types of US forest certification schemes; and the focus and contents of US forest certification systems. Persons taking the course also will know what management practices and actions will be required to achieve forest certification; be aware of the current state of the science underlying forest certification, and be able to develop and maintain records that will enable them to achieve forest certification on the forest lands they own or manage.

TEXTBOOK(S): Forest Sustainability: The History, the Challenge, the Promise by Donald Floyd. The book may be purchased from the Forest History Society for $10.50. Call (919)682-9319 to order. Selected reprints and other reading materials will be provided on the course website or by mail.


You will need to perform the following basic Internet skills while taking an Internet course. You should test your capabilities for these functions prior to the start of the semester:

  • Access your Unity account
  • Find the NC State web site
  • Use e-mail through the Internet
  • Open an e-mail window
  • Send an e-mail message
  • Use a search engine
  • Make hotlink connections (mouse click on icons and blue underlined text)
  • Open, enter, and post to the discussion group
  • Cut and paste between word-processing software, e-mail, and the web
  • Save as a text, pdf, and/or postscript file (A word of caution: there may be problems doing this with PCs. You will want to try this before the beginning of the semester to work out any problems.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the above tasks, you may want to contact a computer expert for suggestions in developing these skills or fixing any computer problem. You may also contact:

North Carolina State University Computer Services Information Center

Room 208 in the Hillsborough Building (on Hillsborough St. across from D.H. Hill Library)

Telephone: (919) 515-HELP (4357)

E-mail: help@ncsu.edu

World Wide Web: http://www.ncsu.edu/it/essentials/password/unity_basics

VIDEO AND TEXTBOOK INFORMATION:: All video tapes for the Distance Education video courses may be rented at the NCSU BOOKSTORES on the main campus of NC State University. Textbooks for these courses are also available, and may be purchased at the store. Visit the store, located at the end of Dunn Avenue near Reynolds Coliseum and the Talley Student Center courtyard. Address all inquiries to the Video Rental Department: Phone: (919)515-6113 ; Fax: (919)515-2618


Mailing address: NCSU BOOKSTORES

Video Rental Program

Box 7224 NCSU

Raleigh, NC 27695


Textbooks for these courses are available, and may be purchased at the Bookstore. Visit the store, located at the end of Dunn Avenue near Reynolds Coliseum and the Tally Student Center courtyard: or contact NCSU BOOKSTORES by phone, fax, or e-mail to reserve your course materials. They will be happy to have them prepackaged and ready to mail or for you to pick up.

Mailing address: NCSU BOOKSTORES
Box 7224 NCSU
Raleigh, NC 27695
Phone Number: (919)515-5221

REGISTRATION: Contact the Credit Programs & Summer Sessions Office for registration forms and for questions about the program. You may write to: Credit Programs & Summer Sessions Office, North Carolina State University, Campus Box 7401, Raleigh, NC 27695-7401, USA. We are located in the McKimmon Center (at the corner of Gorman St. and Western Blvd.). Phone: (919) 515-2265, E-mail: distance_ed@ncsu.edu or FAX: (919) 515-4690.
You may download the necessary forms by login to http://distance.ncsu.edu/index.cfm?nocol=1&category=220&tab=1&select=220 Office hours are 8:00am-8:00pm Monday through Thursday, 8:00am-5:00pm Friday. Other INFOFACTS may be viewed on the Distance Education web site: http://distance.ncsu.edu

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