Become a Member of the New eXtension CoP: Trees and Energy Conservation!

Become a Member of the New eXtension CoP: Trees and Energy Conservation!

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Southern Regional Extension Forestry is leading the first urban forestry Community of Practice in eXtension! Already made up of Extension, agency, and industry personnel from across the nation, we are always looking for more urban forestry expertise!

Trees and forests in urban settings can play an important role in energy conservation if strategically managed and cared for properly. With pervasive interest in the use of trees and forests as tools for energy conservation, there is a need for a focused effort providing research-based information in one easily accessible location for the building, planning, natural resources and municipal communities. A recent National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council (NUCFAC) funded effort involves using the “eXtension” network and website to fill this need in a way that is innovative, interactive, and relevant at the national, regional and local levels.

Because this effort involves creating a national network of experts in urban forestry, energy conservation, community development and other fields to collaboratively develop and disseminate information and educational products in this topic area, we need your help!  Products will include for example:

•    A wiki-style website with “fact sheet” style information pages
•    Links to relevant articles, news items, events and other tools of the trade
•    A section designed for individuals to “Ask an Expert” with rapid response from professionals in the field
•    Frequently asked questions, links to possible online e-Learning activities and much more.

If you or your colleagues are interested in participating, please contact Raina Sheridan, Project Manager at

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