Call for Papers: International Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition

Call for Papers: International Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition

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The Conference will be a focus on the factors affecting the future of the bioenergy, biopower and biobased modern technologies and products, including logistic systems, management, total procurement chains, the effects of the energy market, the influence of green marketing and other trends affecting forestry, agriculture, industry and climate.

Papers are invited on the following topics:

  1. Strategies, Politics, Legislation Tools and Implementation Issues: possibilities to support the EU-targets, Kyoto Protocol, the Johannesbourg decisions, national targets and free energy markets and green values, sustainable development and security of energy supply
  2. Bioenergy Markets and Business: national and international bioenergy markets, financial and market instruments, green sertificates and markets, fuel quality assurances and standards, price competitiveness, management systems
  3. Biomass Resources: potentials, quantities, measurements methods, qualities and properties for feedstock from forestry, agriculture, peatlands, municipals and processing industry
  4. Fuel production, logistics and technologies: production, pre-treatment, procurement, transport and logistics
  5. Combustion and boiler systems: combustion and boiler technologies and systems for industries, district heating, house blocks, small houses and agriculture nets
  6. Combined Heat and Power Production (CHP): powerplant, district heating and small scale technologies and systems for CHP production
  7. Chemical Conversion Technologies: gasification, pyrolysis, biological conversion and liquid fuels production (biodiesel, ethanol, direct/indirect liquerfaction)
  8. Solid Conversion: Pellets and briquettes etc. and REF.s
  9. National and Areal Demonstration and Market Implementations of Bioenergy Production and Use in different Bioenergy Sectors.
  10. Environmental Issues: flue gas cleaning, ash handling and recycling, sustainable development
  11. Applications of information and communication technologies: internet, mobile phone technology, electronic documentations, remote management tools, internet marketing and information dissemination.

The different topics covers R&D results, demonstration, cases, equipments and good practises.


Check out for more information about preparing and submitting an abstract.  Deadline for receipt of abstracts: 31 January 2007.


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