Mississippi State University Hires Hardwood Management Extension Forester

Mississippi State University Hires Hardwood Management Extension Forester

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Dr. Randall Rousseau, a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana recently started with the Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service as their hardwood management Extension Forester.

He has a BS and a MS in Forestry from Louisiana State University in 1974 and 1976, respectively and a PhD in genetics from Mississippi State University in 1980.  Following graduation from Mississippi State University Randall took a job with Westvaco as a research scientist in charge of hardwood tree improvement and Improvement of Non-Native Tree Species.  In 1989, Randall was assigned Mission Leader of the Interior Loblolly Pine Program, which included lands in Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia.  In 1999, he became Research Center Leader for the Central Forest Research Center where he directed research in pine and hardwoods.  Following the merger of Mead and Westvaco in 2003, Randall was named Project/Center Leader for MeadWestvaco.  He remained in that position until July 2005 when the Fine Papers Division of MeadWestvaco was sold to Cerberus Capital Management.  From July 2005 to September 2006 Randall worked as a consultant for SmartWood, Bayer Chemicals, GreenWood Resources, ArborGen and MeadWestvaco.  This work included the areas of tree improvement, certification, biotechnology, silviculture, economics and pesticides.  In September 2006 Randall took a Research/Extension position within the College of Forest Resources as Associate Professor specializing in hardwood management.  His primary emphasis will be in continued development of hardwood programs, initiated by Dr. John Hodges.  His areas of research will concentrate on bio-energy using hardwood plantations and cloning aspects of bottomland oak species.


Randall is married to Christine R. Rousseau from Baton Rouge, LA and they have resided in Paducah, KY for 25 years.  Randall and Christine have four sons (Brandon, Jon, Stephen and Gregory).  The two oldest sons Brandon and Jon are graduates of Mississippi State University.  Their third son (Stephen) will be graduating in May of 2007 from Murray State University.  Their fourth son will be attending Mississippi State University in January 2007.  The most recent addition to the family was Hunter Joseph, who was born June 2006 and is the child of Brandon and Lauren Rousseau (Lauren is also a graduate of Mississippi State University.


Randys contact information is listed below:


Dr. Randall J. Rousseau

Associate Extension/Research Professor

Room 369 Thompson Hall

Department of Forestry

Mississippi State, MS 39762-9681


Phone: 662-325-2777
Fax: 662-325-8726
Email: rrousseau@cfr.msstate.edu

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