SREF Extension Awards 2018-2019

SREF Extension Awards 2018-2019

Category: Computer Software and/or Website

  • Southern Forest and Tree Health Diagnostics Facebook Page
    • Jir Hulcr, and Jason Smith, University of Florida
    • David Coyle, Clemson University
    • Jeff Eickwort, Florida Forest Service
  • Wildland Fire Extension Resources
    • Jennifer Fawcett, North Carolina State University
    • Holly Campbell, Southern Regional Extension Forestry
  • Wild Spotter – Mapping Invasives In America's Wild Places
    • Chuck Bargeron and Rachel Carroll, Bilal Bush, Jordan Daniel, Krunal Patel, and Rebekah Wallace, University of Georgia
    • Pat Conzemius, and Dane Huinker, Wildlife Forever
    • Mike Ielmini, USFS National Invasive Species Program Manager

Category: Conference/Program Organization

  • 11th Biennial ANREP Professional Improvement Conference

    • Dr. John Kushla, James Henderson, and Glenn Hughes, Mississippi State University

Category: Extension Newsletter

Category: Extension Publication

  • Alabama Stumpage Price Trends (2007 - 2016)
    • Dr. Adam Maggard, Becky Barlow, Alabama Cooperative Extension System
  • A Glossary of Common Forestry Terms

    • Dr. David Mercker, University of Tennessee
  • Kentucky Logging BMP Field Guide

    • Dr. Jeffrey Stringer, Larry Lowe, Tim Metzger, University of Kentucky
  • Mass Timber Products: Innovative Wood-Based Building Materials

    • Dr. Rajan Parajuli, Frederik Laleicke, North Carolina State University
  • Managing Early Succesional Plant Communities for Wildlife in the Eastern United States

    • Dr. Craig Harper, University of Tennessee
  • New Invaders of the Southeast
    • Chuck Bargeron, Karan Rawlins, David Moorhead, and Rachel Carroll, University of Georgia
    • Rachel Winston, MIA Consulting
  • Prescribed Fire for Wildlife Poster (ANR-2408)
    • Jim Armstrong, Adam Maggard, Becky Barlow, John Kush, Bruce Dupree, Alabama Cooperative Extension System
  • Prescribed Burning: "Spotfires and Escapes" Fact Sheet
    • John R. Weir, Oklahoma Department of Natural Resources
    • R. Seth Coffey, Morgan L. Treadwell, Texas A&M Forest Service
    • Carol Baldwin, Oklahoma State University
    • Dirac Twidwell, University of Nevada
    • Doug Cram, New Mexico State University
    • Pete Bauman, South Dakota State University
    • Jennifer Fawcett, North Carolina State University

  • The Value of Forming a "Prescribed Burn Association" Fact Sheet
    • John Diaz, University of Florida
    • Ms. Jennifer Fawcett, North Carolina State University
    • John Weir, Oklahoma State Department of Natural Resources

Category: Research Technology Transfer

  • Optimized Insecticide Dosage for Hemlock Wooly Adelgid Control in Hemlock Trees
    • Elizabeth Benton and Rich Cowles, University of Georgia
  • The Impact of Wild Pig Hunting Outfitters on Pig Populations Across the Southeast

    • Michael Mengak and Charles T. Todd, University of Georgia
  • How Potential New Laws from Georgia's 2017-2018 Legislative Session Could Affect Forest Landowners' Tax

    • Yanshu Li and Robert Itzlar, University of Georgia

Category: Journal Publication

  • Special Report: 2016 Cost and Cost Trends

    • Adam Maggard and Becky Barlow, Alabama Cooperative Extension System
  • Timber Prices: Supply, Demand and Extenuating Circumstances

    • Rajan Parajuli, North Carolina State University
    • Shaun Tanger, Louisiana State University
    • James Henderson, Mississippi State University
  • Cooperative Extension Agents as Key Informants in Assessing Wildlife Damage Trends in Georgia

    • Michael Mengak and Rhianna Hohbein, University of Georgia
  • Fire Effects on Wildlife in the Central Hardwoods and Appalachian Regions, USA

    • Craig Harper, University of Tennessee

Category: Mass Media

Category: Program Organization

  • Virginia's Forestland: Intact, in Forest & in the Family

    • Jason Fisher, Neil Clark, Adam Downing, Jason Fisher, Jennifer Gagnon, Bill Worrell, Kim Biasiolli, Andrew Fotinos, Terry Lasher, Mike Santucci, Amanda Scheps, Michelle Stoll, and Ebonie Alexander, Virginia Tech University

Category: Project Administration

  • North Carolina Sentinel Landscapes Partnership

    • Robert Bardon, North Carolina State University

Category: Special Project

Category: Video

Category: Youth and Teacher Education

  • Forest to Classroom 2018: Fire Focus

    • Renee Strnad, Hannah Thompson-Welch, and Laurel Kays, North Carolina State University
    • Kids in the Woods & Camp Kids in the Woods at Austin Cary Forest

      • Michael Andreu, University of Florida
      • Annie Hermansen-Baez, USFS Southern Research Station
      • Molly Disabb, University of Florida
    • Kentucky Forest Leadership Program

      • Laurie Thomas, Matt Springer, Blake Newton, Amanda Gumbert, Ashley Osborne, and Doug McLaren, University of Kentucky
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