Urban Forestry Index (UFind) Available

Urban Forestry Index (UFind) Available

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The Urban Forestry Index (UFind) is a database of current and historic urban forestry and arboriculture publications and other media that can be searched by topic, author, title, description, or keyword. Through the cooperative efforts of the USDA Forest Service, University of Minnesota, and TreeLink, this database is continuously updated and made available on the web. It is available at http://www.urbanforestryindex.net.


The Urban Forestry Index provides one comprehensive place to search for informational resources that have been produced by a wide variety of organizations—in all types of formats. The goal is to increase awareness of urban forestry publications and other media, increase access to these materials, and prevent duplication of products that have already been developed.


Types of Materials

The types of products that are indexed in the database include:

Manuals, 3-ring binders, factsheets

Books and booklets

Power Point presentations



CDs, DVDs and Videos

Press releases and PSA’s


Model programs and projects


Newsletter articles

Peer-reviewed journal articles


Search Features

The index can be searched to find a publication with a specific title, list all products by a given author or about a certain subject, or search for all resources of one media type (like posters). A combination of any of these categories can be searched to provide, for example, a list of all videos on tree preservation. The search can also be refined to list technology transfer products (popular materials), scientific research documents, or both. Results of the search are displayed on screen with links for additional information and, when available, to the downloadable version.


Search Results

Most of the resources indexed in the database are available for download, loan, purchase, or free of charge. The index identifies the publisher so the user can inquire about obtaining a copy. In addition, many of the items are part of the University of Minnesota’s Forestry Library. These resources can be checked out through a document delivery system or any library’s inter-library loan system.


Development Team

James Geiger
Center for Urban Forest Research
USDA Forest Service

Dudley R. Hartel
Southern Center for Urban Forestry Research & Information
USDA Forest Service

Philip Herold
Forestry Library
University of Minnesota

Matt Howell
Southern Regional Extension Forestry
University of Georgia

Jill Johnson
Midwest Center for Urban & Community Forestry
USDA Forest Service

Donna Murphy
Mid-Atlantic Center for Urban & Community Forestry
USDA Forest Service

Pepper Provenzano

Chris Tarabochia

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