Video Training Conference: Decision Making Software Tools for the Sawmill Industry

Video Training Conference: Decision Making Software Tools for the Sawmill Industry

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An Interactive Video Train-the-Trainer Program for State and University Extension Wood Utilization Specialists, Consultants & Industry Associations.

With the recent softening of hardwood lumber markets, mill owners and managers are searching to find new ways to become more competitive and cut costs.  Simply dropping log prices across the board may not be the answer in todays world. mills need to have a better handle on what each log is really worth and which logs are the most profitable to saw.

This video conference will introduce  Forest Product Utilization Specialists to a number of free software packages designed to give sawmill personnel the tools they need to help make informed decisions about their operations.  Our goal is to use this video conference to familiarize FPU personnel with the software so that they are comfortable in recommending specific tools to manufacturers and to provide a very basic level of user support and interpretation to the businesses.

Several different packages and programs will be presented, but a special emphasis will be placed on the recently developed SOLVE 2003 Package which includes COST, SOLVE 2003 and the techniques for implementing Continuous Mill Studies.   The GRADEYIELD sawmill analysis spreadsheet, several software utilities and the HARDWOOD QUALITY CD will also be demonstrated.

The broadcast will originate from the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, VA, with presentations being made by researchers from the USDA Forest Service Lab in Princeton, WV, the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point and the USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Lab. 

This conference will be followed later this year by a series of traditional workshops to be held throughout the region and targeted to the Forest Products Industry. 

This workshop is FREE and travel scholarships of up to $200. per person are available to the first 25 applicants who wish to attend the workshop at one of the sites below.



Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. Steve Milauskas, WERC, Site Facilitator, (304) 487-1510

University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, WI. Bob Govett, UWSP, Site Facilitator, (715) 346-4212

Ohio State University, Piketon, OH. Andy Sabula, OH DNR, Site Facilitator, (614) 265-6690

Penn State University, College Park, PA. Charles Ray, PSU, Site Coordinator (814) 865-7541

Perdue University, Lafayette, IN. Jeff Settle, IN DNR, Site Facilitator, (812) 358-2160

 Hudson Valley Community College, Troy, NY. Sloane Crawford, NY DEC, Site Facilitator, (518) 402-9415

Claremont HS, Claremont, NH. Sarah Smith, UNH Coop Ext., Site Facilitator, (603) 862-2647

West Virginia Wood Technology Center, Elkins, WV.Ed Cesa, USDA FS, Site Facilitator, (304) 285-1530


This conference is being made possible by a grant from the Wood Education and Resource Center, USDA Forest Service, Princeton, WV.

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