The Service Forester's Handbook

The Service Forester’s Handbook is a highly sought after tool used by foresters and natural resource professionals working in the field. This convenient pocket guide is a quick-reference for basic forest and land measurements, volume tables, silvicultural recommendations, site index curves, forest measurement formulas and more.  The handbook, last updated in 1986, has had a content and delivery update, thanks to the office of the Southern Regional Forester. 

SREF staff, working with experts in the field, have updated and organized all existing information, including modern, state of the art approaches to forest management, to redesign the overall look and feel of the book.  Also, given the current trends in mobile technology, SREF, in partnership with the University of Georgia’s College of Agriculture, has hired a full-time Mobile Applications Developer to create mobile app versions of the handbook. The mobile app, Service Forester's Toolkit, will be available for iOS by Summer 2014 and for Android by Fall 2014!

A downloadable version of the original Service Forester's handbook is also available in .pdf form here.

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