An Overview of Carbon Markets for Florida Forest Landowners

An Overview of Carbon Markets for Florida Forest Landowners

José R. Soto; Francisco J. Escobedo; and Damian C. Adams

Business, Finance, and Economics, Policy and Administration, and Forest Management

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It is difficult to understand the carbon market and certification options available to Florida forest landowners and the possible risks of participating in such carbon markets. To address this need, we have compiled and reviewed available resources on the Internet, refereed and technical 

publications, and personal communications with experts to provide an overview of forest carbon markets in the United States (US) as of 2014 and to compare key features of the four major carbon offset certification options. Using Florida as an example, we then discuss the potential for landowners to participate in carbon markets in the US South. Specifically, we discuss: (1) What a carbon market is and their brief history in the US; (2) What are differences in currently available forest carbon market certification programs; (3) How and where are carbon credits sold; and (4) What are the current market trends with an emphasis on Florida forests? 

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