Bioenergy in the Southeast: Current and past policies driving markets

Helene Cser, Extension Associate, North Carolina State University and Leslie Boby, Extension Associate, Southern Regional Extension Forestry

Wood Products, Business, Finance, and Economics, Taxation, Policy and Administration, and Issues

1603_SREF-BE-004.pdf — PDF document, 2584Kb

State, federal and international policies significantly influence development of the biofuels industry. Different policies such as tax incentives, subsidies, renewable fuel standards, and energy mandates have an impact on how bioenergy will compete in the marketplace. Additionally, federal policies influence the research dollars which may go towards supporting the bioenergy industry. Therefore, in order to better understand the bioenergy industry, it is necessary to understand the policies which influence it. The following is a synopsis of federal, state and foreign policies that may influence biomass and bioenergy production. The reader is encouraged to review these policies to ensure they are still the most current. 

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