Broad Scale Inventory of Shortleaf Pine

Broad Scale Inventory of Shortleaf Pine

Christopher M. Oswalt, Research Forester-Forest Inventory and Analysis, USDA Forest Service

Business, Finance, and Economics, Environmental Management, Forest Management, Regeneration, and Forest Health

1503_SLPFactSheet-FIA.pdf — PDF document, 1299Kb

Shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata) is an economically and ecologically important eastern pine that, according to Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) estimates, has declined 53% since the 1980s.  The most significant decline has occurred east of the Mississippi River; whereas, states in the western range (Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas) still contain concentrated areas of shortleaf-dominated forests.  Several factors are known to contribute to shortleaf’s decline, including land use change and urbanization, species preference, fire exclusion, and forest health issues.  Evaluating the magnitude of this decline is made possible through FIA.

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