Forest Resource Management Planning: Who Prepares Forest Management Plans and How Do They Differ by Ownership Type?

Robert D. Tew; Thomas J. Straka; and Tamara L. Cushing

Business, Finance, and Economics, Forest Management, and Policy and Administration

fnr_109.pdf — PDF document, 204Kb

Forest management objectives, planning intensity and complexity, public participation in the planning process, and formats for forest resource management plans differ by the type of ownership. Different owners have different planning needs and resources (both on the ground and in their pockets to pay for the planning).  Some planning processes, especially for public ownerships, stress public participation; some are financially-oriented and stress cash flow; and many are oriented to one natural resource (and not necessarily timber).  In some respects they are very similar, in other aspects they can differ greatly.  Some of the differences come from regional aspects of timberland and others from differences in landowner management objectives.  The pattern of ownership, by region and owner type, gives interesting insight into these management plan differences.

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