Forest Soils: Soil Respiration as an Indicator of Forest Health

A PINEMAP fact sheet on using soil respiration as an indicator of forest health.
McElligott, Kristin; Minor, Mark; Boby, Leslie; Maier, Chris; and Taylor, Eric

and Forest Health

1606-SoilRespir-PINEMAP-Final.pdf — PDF document, 2960Kb

Healthy soils are essential to vigorous, productive, and resilient forest systems.  Soils make up the uppermost layer of earth’s surface and are comprised of a mixture of rock, minerals, and organic materials. It is the medium for which forest trees grow. However, healthy forest soils are much more than that. Forest soils are complex, living communities comprised of numerous and diverse microflora and fauna interacting among themselves and with mineral and organic constituents. The soil community carries out a range of crucial physiological processes that directly influence tree vigor, health, and resilience.

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