Incremental Economic Impact of a South Carolina Forestry Commission Forester

Thomas J. Straka and Scott L. Phillips

Business, Finance, and Economics, Forest Management, and Policy and Administration

The South Carolina Forestry Commission (SCFC) represents a state investment to ensure that forest renewal, health, and development continue to contribute to the growth of the state, while providing its citizens valuable aesthetic, recreational, wildlife, water quality, and other environmental values. Most of the focus of the investment in the SCFC involves direct forester to forestland owner contact in terms of technical assistance, education, forest management planning, and protection from wildfire, insects, and diseases. These are vital services that are fundamental to maintaining the vibrant, healthy forest that covers most of the state. These SCFC foresters represent an investment of state resources and an analysis of the return from that investment is the subject of this report. The key question addressed is the incremental value to the state of an additional SCFC forester.  How much does one additional forester contribute to the management, health, and growth of the state’s forests and eventually to the state’s economy? 

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