Rapid Sampling of Scattered and Piled Forest Harvest Residue: A Biomass Energy Feedstock and Important Environmental Component

Nathaniel Osborne, Doctorial Student, Oregon State University and Robert Bardon, Ph.D., Professor and Extension Specialist Dennis Hazel, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Extension Specialist Extension Forestry College of Natural Resources North Carolina State University

and Environmental Management

1308-SREF-BE-001.pdf — PDF document, 617Kb

Any inventory of scattered and piled forest harvesting residue requires planning and considerable effort.  A combination of prism sweep sampling and modified slash pile sampling is one way to minimize effort while obtaining relatively accurate volume estimates.  Knowing how much forest harvesting residue is being retained on a given site is an important first step that landowners, natural-resource professionals, and others must take towards ensuring sustainable forest management.

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