Shortleaf Pine Bareroot Seedlings

Shortleaf Pine Bareroot Seedlings

Allan Murray, Nursery Manager, Baucum Nursery, Arkansas Forest Commission

Forest Management, Forest Health, and Regeneration

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Nursery-grown bareroot seedlings are an affordable, readily available option for artificial regeneration of shortleaf pine. At most forest seedling nurseries, bareroot seedlings are less than half the price of containerized seedlings.  In addition, planters can carry more bareroot seedlings in a planting bag (than containerized seedlings), thus increasing hand-planting efficiency. It is important that your seedlings are adapted to the planting site for best growth and survival. It is recommended that the seed used to grow them comes from the same geographic area they are planted. The challenges of bareroot seedlings include their sensitivity to: long term storage, poor planting techniques, and extreme weather conditions following planting. If seedlings are planted in the recommended time frame after delivery, and proper planting techniques are followed, then bareroot seedlings are a costeffective regeneration option.

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