Shortleaf Pine Natural Regeneration

Shortleaf Pine Natural Regeneration

Becky Barlow, Alabama Cooperative Extension System Specialist, Associate Professor, Auburn University

Environmental Management, Forest Management, and Regeneration

1503_SLPFactSheet-NatRegen.pdf — PDF document, 1322Kb

Landowners interested in restoring shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata) may assume that they have to clear-cut and replant with shortleaf seedlings or seeds, otherwise known as artificial regeneration. But planting seedlings or seeds can be expensive. Depending on the number of seedlings you plant, type of seedling (bare root vs. containerized), location of your property, and planting method used, the cost to reforest by planting seedlings can average from $40 to almost $140 per acre. While artificial regeneration methods such as planting are common forestry management practices, natural regeneration is an economically viable alternative option.

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