Technical Guide to Crop Tree Release in Hardwood Forests


Crop tree release (CTR) is a widely applicable silvicultural technique used to enhance the performance of individual trees. It offers flexibility in that it can be applied on small or large properties, and with certain modifications, it can be applied as a pre-commercial or commercial operation. By favoring the development of selected crop trees within a hardwood stand, the landowner can meet a variety of area-wide management objectives such as wildlife habitat, recreation,timber value, aesthetic beauty and species diversity. CTR can be applied at various stages of development,including sapling, pole and saw timber stands,depending on the specific opportunities to improve stand conditions. In some cases, it may be advisable to apply CTR more than once during the rotation. As forest managers gain experience with CTR, many come to realize that it is a versatile silvicultural technique that can be effective in many situations(Houston et al. 1995; Perkey et al. 1994; Perkey andWilkins 2001; Singer and Lorimer 1997).
Gary W. Miller, Jeffrey W. Stringer, and David C. Mercker

Forest Management

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