Technologies that produce electricity, heat, and fuel from biomass feedstocks

Helene Cser, Extension Associate North Carolina State University and Leslie Boby, Extension Associate: Southern Regional Extension Forestry

Business, Finance, and Economics, Conservation Education, Policy and Administration, and Technology

1606_SREF-BE-006.pdf — PDF document, 1411Kb

Utilizing biomass to meet our energy needs is nothing new and was the primary energy source in early America with the first steam engines using wood to power locomotives, riverboats, ships, and manufacturing facilities. Eventually coal surpassed wood as the primary energy source in the United States in 1885, but wood is still an important energy source for households, industries, and power production today. There are many conversion technologies that use biomass to produce heat, electricity, products, or fuel. This paper will explain the typical technologies used and the research underway to convert a wide variety of biomass feedstocks into useful forms of energy.

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