Managing Your Woodlands


Woodland Stewards Webinar Series

Managing Your Woodlands


February 28, 2019, 7-9 PM Eastern

Today's Southern forests range from natural stands of hardwood, and pine to planted pines and even hardwoods from the mountains of Missouri and Virginia to the swamps of Louisiana and Florida. Landowners attending this session will learn the basics on pine and hardwood management. Topics covered include:

  1. Growing and managing southern pines, to include site selection and preparation, ecological requirements, regeneration methods, intermediate management, and tips for final harvest.
  2. Basic characteristics of existing hardwood stands, evaluation methods to assess existing hardwood stand management potential, and making basic decisions on future management.
  3. How to identify degraded hardwood stands, determine acceptable growing stock, and assess options available and tradeoffs to make degraded hardwood stand more desirable, profitable and sustainable.


Dr. David Clabo

Dr. David Clabo is an assistant professor of silviculture outreach and extension with the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. Prior to joining UGA, his graduate studies at the University of Tennessee investigated regeneration of shortleaf pine and shortleaf pine-hardwood mixtures establishment and development. He worked part-time as a forestry consultant during graduate school completing herbicide applications, prescribed burning, timber marking, wildlife habitat improvement, and timber inventories for private landowners.

Dr. Kyle Cunningham

Dr. Kyle Cunningham has spent the past fifteen years working with family forest landowners, forest managers and others as an Extension Forester for the University of Arkansas – Division of Agriculture. Dr. Cunningham has expertise in hardwood ecology and management, which has been a focal point of his educational programs in Extension. Dr. Cunningham currently serves as Assistant Professor of Forestry with both research and Extension responsibilities.

Dr. Wayne Clatterbuck

Dr. Wayne Clatterbuck is Professor of Silviculture & Forest Management at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His appointment is with UT Extension with responsibilities in forest landowner education, continuing education of professionals, coordinator and instructor of the Tennessee Master Logger program and teaching undergraduate and graduate classes in silviculture and forest biology. Dr. Clatterbuck’s research interests are in hardwood silviculture and forest stand dynamics of mixed species stands focusing on ecological changes in species composition, stand structure and development during forest succession and following forest disturbance.

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