Woodland Management: What is Right for You and Your Woodland?


Woodland Stewards Webinar Series

Woodland Management: What is Right for You and Your Woodland?


February 6th, 2020, 7-8:30 PM Eastern


Managing your woodlands to grow healthy forests and produce revenue depends on making the right choices for your location. Selecting the right trees to plant depends on many biological factors of your land such as the range of soil types and the climate. There are other factors that may limit your trees’ growth too, such as sunlight, water availability and temperature. Planting and management choices are also influenced by the financial aspects of the current and potential future markets. This session will help woodland owners to understand how stand dynamics and market considerations are used in the application of management.


David Clabo

David Clabo is originally from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. He attended the University of Tennessee where he studied forestry for his undergraduate and graduate degrees. He has been an assistant professor of silviculture outreach with the University of Georgia (UGA) Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources since December 2018. Day to day activities include assisting county extension agents, private landowners, NGOs, and government agencies with forestry related questions and issues they have. David’s outreach program includes delivery of continuing education programs for professionals and landowners, working with county extension agents to develop programming for forestry meetings, applied field research and demonstrations that address specific needs of clients, as well as publication of extension articles that provide forestry-related information for landowners and natural resource professionals. His research interests include forestry herbicide evaluations, prescribed fire application, forest regeneration methods, and mixed pine-hardwood management.

David Dickins

David Dickens is a forest productivity professor with UGA Warnell School. He worked as a faculty member with UGA since 1999 and at Clemson University since 1988. He received a BA @ Furman Univ., a Forestry BS @ UGA, and a MS and PhD in Forestry @ Clemson Univ. His areas of expertise are soils/site & pine species selection, fertilization (inorganic and organic), herbicides, economics, and water quality. He has written over 200 forest productivity articles and currently has 35 applied research & demonstration study areas in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

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