University of Kentucky Woodlands E-News

University of Kentucky Woodlands E-News

University of Kentucky Woodlands E-News

As budgets continue to erode it is critical to find effective and meaningful ways to distribute the forestry educational information we have to share and email marketing and electronic newsletters are proving to be an important tool in our toolbox. Over the past year, UK Forestry Extension has researched, planned, and developed an electronic newsletter titled Kentucky Woodlands E-News. This electronic newsletter is sent bimonthly to Kentucky woodland owners, the wood industry, extension personnel and to others with an interest in forestry and wildlife. Kentucky Woodlands E-News serves an important role in UK Forestry Extension’s social media outreach efforts by delivering content that is easily digestible by consumers of electronic media while still containing links to additional information or resources for those with a desire to dig dipper—this approach is helping to drive traffic to and between our web pages, Facebook site, and YouTube channel.


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