Mass Timber Products: Innovative Wood-Based Building Materials

Mass Timber Products: Innovative Wood-Based Building Materials

Parajuli, Rajan and Laleicke, Frederik

Wood Products

AG-845_Mass Timber Products.pdf — PDF document, 781Kb

Mass timber products, also known as wood-based engineered construction materials, are becoming widely prevalent in the design and construction sector. Being a cost-effective, carbon-efficient, durable, and sustainable building option, mass timber construction has already had a profound impact on residential and non-residential applications in Europe. Likewise, it has been reaching new heights in Canada and is recently gaining momentum in the United States. Envisioned as a substitute for the traditional building materials of concrete, masonry, and steel, all forestry stakeholders have reason to be excited about these new timber products. The most widespread mass timber product is cross-laminated timber (CLT), which is currently on a rapid upward trajectory in North America. This fact sheet offers a synopsis of recent developments in CLT and wood-based building materials. 

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