Seeding Success

Module 1: Onboarding Basics Getting Started in Extension Forestry & Natural Resources

Module Developed By: Karen Bennett, Kristina Ferrare, Dr. Eric Norland, Dr. Eli Sagor

In this module, participants will learn recommended approaches for getting started in Extension forestry and natural resources as well as more about how the Extension system works. This module participants will learn:

  • The importance of onboarding and orientation
  • The origin of the Cooperative Extension System and what Extension work looks like in the 21st century
  • What makes natural resource programs unique in Extension–how they are different from traditional agriculture programs
  • The Cooperative Extension System's strategic partners:
    • Federal–including the history and importance of Extension FNR programs from a national perspective
    • State–state programs differ
    • Local–counties, parishes and towns
  • Some useful and essential information for the new county and state extension worker
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