Seeding Success

Module 3: Parts I & II Audiences & Needs Assessments

Module Developed By: Dr. James Johnson, Marc Thomas, Dr. John Diaz, Keishon Thomas, Carrie Berger, & Lauren Grand

In this two-session module, we will cover the following learning objectives:

  1. Recognizing and identifying audiences important to FNR Extension programming.
  2. Understanding unique segments with target audiences, eg. “amenity” landowners vs. “working the land” landowners
  3. Conducting a situation analysis.
  4. Designing and conducting a needs analysis for targeted geographic areas and audiences.
  5. Understanding the seven essential components of a needs assessment plan.
  6. Involving stakeholders in the needs assessment process.
  7. Identifying and connecting with under-served audiences, including minority, absentee, and multi-owner landowners.
  8. Learning from doing: a report of the Lane County, Oregon needs assessment conducted in May and June of 2018, and its usefulness in informing future FNR Extension programming.

The first session, lead by Dr. John Diaz, will focus on learning objectives 1 through 6.

The second session, will be lead by a team and will cover learning objectives 6 through 8 in two sections.

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