Seeding Success

Module 5: Parts I & II An Introduction to Program Evaluation

Module Developed By: Dr. Bill Hubbard, Dr. Martha Monroe, & Dr. John Diaz

Evaluation is a key part of designing and delivering Extension programs, as effective evaluations provide ways to understand the effectiveness and changes of the programs. In this module, the following learning objectives will be covered:

  • The participant will learn the theoretical and practical underpinnings of evaluation as it is applied to Extension FNR programming.
  • The participant will be able to find useful tools, resources and experts in program evaluation within their institution and others to incorporate into their programming.
  • The participant will be exposed to practical examples and case studies from peer-reviewed outlets and other sources in the specific fields of forestry and natural resources.
  • The participant will be introduced to methods and examples of effective program evaluation and will be comfortable with applying basic program evaluation tools to their programs inclusive of:
    1. Utilizing the logic model
    2. Developing a program evaluation plan
    3. Implementing an evaluation instrument, collecting and analyzing data, and utilizing/reporting results.
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